Monday, April 25, 2016

The Earth: I Fear We Are Doomed

Earth Day was this last week. As I have written, I have all but given up on the validity and future of present Christianity. Is doesn't make sense and is doing nothing. This week brings up a  major example. A main belief of the churches, supposedly, is that the earth is holy, made by God, given to us to protect. Are any churches doing anything about our habit of killing and disrespecting the earth? Where are there churches that are leading the way in life-styles that attempt at faithfulness in this regard? If churches are not being honest and faithful in this most pressing need, why should they be given any respect? They are obviously not about life and the doing of God's will. We are better off without them.
   Apart from them, does the Earth have a chance. Not from our culture. In our present way of thinking, dirty, or anything from dirt or the earth, is bad. How many children, urban or rural, in the last two generations, have enjoyed and have been encouraged to play in dirt? "Don't get dirty!" "Get out of that mud!" "Look at your clothes!"
  We've all heard it so often. What children learn is that the earth is bad. And we are paying dearly for it. We now know that many of our diseases are caused by children not getting the anti-bodies from the soil that are so needed in our system.
  We are truly from the dirt and need it. Yet we are rejecting anything that is 'from the earth' that hasn't been re-formed into our limited image.
  If we don't learn, and change (repent) we are doomed. This will be nothing short of a transformation on our part, something that can only be called Spiritual. Will this happen? I hope so. I doubt it, for there is just too much money and power going the other way. I doubt if we will have the collective wisdom to choose another path.
  The path, however, is there for us. In all the old understandings, from the Jewish path to the many others, the way of wholeness and love is there. This current ignorance is leading us to an unnecessary crisis. I hope others will start to challenge it, to band together enough to become active and lead toward a tomorrow of hope and joy.