Wednesday, January 11, 2017


      This whole 'gift' of being/becoming self aware is highly overrated. On one hand, one reality for me, is just how small and insignificant I am in the whole scheme of things. I'm an atom in a speck of dust, lying on a hair, growing from a pimple, on a wart, on a scar, on the back of some part of something, doing something, or just nothing, somewhere in some place in some time or another. Who knows anything about anything?
       On the other hand, I know, deep within myself (what-ever that is), that I am connected and part of a whole, even though I know that I will only, at best, have an inkling of a glimps of what the 'whole' is. In that connection, which makes me part of that 'whole', I am of ultimate importance and value. Do you connect in any of this?
        From the first perspective, I might as well not do anything, for what I do simply cannot be of any importance. What should I therefore do? Live and let live - enjoy the moment and don't rock any boat because it doesn't matter anyway. Anything we might do or think won't change the universe.
        But, even if we look at the modern science of it, aside from any 'spiritual', anything, any action or thought, DOES change the whole, We're more like the BORG in Star Trek, part of something where any thought or action really does change and inform the whole.
        So, here I am, at the beginning of another trip around the awesome sun, choosing how to spend the precious time and space (both are questionable concepts) that are somehow mine. How do I live them? The thoughts, 'knowledge' and love that I have to share can so easily be put aside as I decide to read yet another good book or learn a new song. And I do this so much. Yet, I know, that these kind of activities are only good in that they give me the strength and time to share with others that which is of greater importance. Or maybe, just a different importance. What do I know?
       Here I am, like all the rest of human kind, trying to do what our lives call us to do. As I struggle with my awareness, you are doing also with yours. I urge you all to share these struggles with each other. It's in the sharing that we most can help, not only each other, but ourselves. Let's try to make this new year one of growth and understanding. That means that it has to be, firstly, one of questions and sharing. Like it or not, this is the only way to renewed live, no matter  our age or circumstance.
       As Red Green tells us every week, I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together. And keep your stick on the ice.
      Loving the new year.