Friday, September 8, 2017


Choosing Between Heaven and Hell

   We've probably all heard of the ancient North American native saying about there being two wolves in each of us, one of love/ sharing and one of fear/hatred, and the one who grows to dominate is the one we choose to feed. In the Christian context, it is the message that we each (and collectively) chose between 'heaven' and 'hell'.  If we look at today's news of the world, we can see many examples of this, especially in the context of the natural disasters. But even many of these 'natural' disasters are caused by the feeding of one of the 'wolves', doesn't it?
  It is so easy for us to find blame with the evil shown in other societies, and feel so very superior when we see hatred and bigotry among others. (Why can't they be more like us?)  If you live on a rather beautiful, prosperous and out-of-the-way island such as I do, this is even a more seductive trap. How can other people hate just because of race, religion or background? How can they not share, especially in times of  crisis? Don't we often think this?
   But look at us. Our island has been divided by the issue of wind turbines being installed on many properties. Some of the land-owners (the older families) have signed on to host them, while many of the 'newbies'  have tried their best to stop the project, for years - and have failed. The battle is now over. They are being built this winter.
   Tragically, it seems, the 'wolf' of hatred has been fed in many islanders, even to the point of ruling over love and sharing, and for the common good. Some of the 'anti' people will no longer associate with and even provide food in community events, because some of the people in attendance are hosting wind turbines. The annual 'Seniors' Dinner' is in question. Some of the seniors support wind turbines. Many of those who have sponsored the dinner are 'anti', and will not participate.
   This is the most sad thing I have experienced in a long time.
   Each of us has the power to choose to grow (or not) in love. This doesn't depend upon our 'religion', in fact, often our 'religion' is merely molded to suite our needs anyway. All involved are supposedly 'Christian' in one way or another. Or maybe not. I doubt very much if our local churches will touch this reality, for one of the main rules in the congregations is to never talk about anything that matters. Hence, nothing much is talked about.
   What we have here is a chance to see clearly the two 'wolves' in our midst and to observe and participate in choosing which to feed. As we do so, let us be less smug in our sense of superiority when we see the forces of evil in the world around us. Let us know that the choices of good and evil are with us, each and all, every day. We're just blind to them and usually can chose to not open our eyes to the realities.
   As for Amherst Island, the only reason we can't grow in love and understanding is that the 'wolves' won't be recognized and confronted and the wolf of evil/hatred will be fed even more. That need not happen. It will be up to people to choose, and feed the 'wolf' of love/acceptance and sharing. Like usual, it's up to us.  

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