Wednesday, November 8, 2017



Another mass shooting in The States. This time in a small-town Texas church. The shooter? Thankfully, a white American-born veteran. The answer to the problem, according to those local people who were interviewed? More God and more guns.
I'm an optimist. Usually. But above all, I try to follow the Ways and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. I'm not a Christian, having to believe that believing that Jesus was God saves us from 'hell', a fate we deserve because our ancestors ate a forbidden apple. I believe what I have experienced, that love really IS the Way of God, Who-ever/What-ever God is, and that Jesus, as well as others, teach us in that understanding. And I know that the understanding that supports the whole gun-thing in the US is in total opposition to that rule of love.
I have talked to many of that other way. I don't know how to deal with them. There is no common ground from which to step toward each other. All I can do is to DO what I know, to grow in love myself and share my life with others. I simply have to admit that I can't affect what happens in Texas, other than acting in my knowing that all of creation is somehow connected, and growing and loving here can and will affect all,now and even forever.
But are there others who agree with me? I doubt there are many in churches, for they seem so very satisfied in doing little, not sharing or going beyond the 'usual', especially in the Christmas season. When people of so-called belief are content with bazaars and songs, even amidst the hatred and fears that grow around us, when all of creation yearns and is literally dying for love, how can I not become angry, especially at churches?
Is there hope for real change from the 'spiritual but not religious' majority? When the very word religion has come to be anathema to many, and the sharing of anythings spiritual and personal is taboo and suspect, it would be surprising to say the least. But that's what miracles are all about.
Yet, the ancient season of Advent is near, the time of hope and expectation of new life, the awareness of Emmanuel, God among us. I can't allow my anger to cloud my vision nor slow my steps.
So, I enter this holiday season, trying to prepare for something new and hopeful, trying to give churches yet another chance to become real to their task, but expecting yet again to be frustrated and disappointed by shallowness, conformity and tradition, although the one in who's name they gather, was a rebel, a reformer and a free thinker.
I will try to channel my anger into creative sadness, once again. But don't be surprised, friends, when anger raises it's head. The 'more guns and more God' group plus the 'belief is all that counts' bunch, plus the 'being nice is what counts' folks, all put together, often is just too much for me to handle without getting mad.

Thanks for hearing.

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