Friday, December 1, 2017



I'm my own worst enemy. And need to increasingly learn and take time to laugh at myself and the rest of the world. I know this but usually put it off and dwell on the 'deep and meaningful' things of this life. This was brought again, thankfully, to my attention last week when I chanced to turn on Turner Classic Movies and caught the end of a delightful old flick, Sullivan's Journey, staring Jimmy Stewart, one of my favourites. He played the part of an activist who's goal it was to right all wrongs, involved with many causes, always on the side of the poor and oppressed. Right on!
The focus of the plot was when he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was unjustly convicted of a crime and spent several years doing hard time in a hard place. There, he learned the power of laughter, even admist the misery.
Eventually his innocence was proved and he was released, upon which, he devoted his life to comedy, realizing that maybe in doing that, he was more able to help people.
This speaks to me in that I'm called in my soul to do and proclaim 'Love', however understood. And this, most often, gets in the way of my being a fun person to be around. I take things way too seriously. Judy often urges me to have another drink, or a 'brownie'. During this time of year, Advent in the old church calender, when traditional Christianity is supposed to be urging people to be open to newness and life, humour is needed the most. For churches of all sorts are the most closed to anything new. Tradition reigns. In most ways, this is the time of year most closed to anything different. And hence, of course, we miss anything of the Holy, again.
Yet, I need to be able to laugh. If I didn't, I would sink to despair. And those who despair are no good to anyone or any cause.
So, help me to laugh, especially in this season. Friends and enemies alike, offer me another drink. If I'm sitting in a corner, you have my permission to invite me over. Indeed, please prod me into a conversation. In the doing, in the sharing, even in casual converstation, lies seeds of sharing and the 'holy'. I know this, but I resist. Shared laughter is a gift from God, however understood. In this season, let us all know this and share it, helping each other to set aside the bigger pictures that, however good, often keep us from living and sharing our lives to the fullest. We need to tend the trees, even while we have the whole forest in our thoughts.
To all, however you see and name this time before Christmas, please try to share in laughter and joy. And, if possible, include me. I need it.


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