Thursday, February 8, 2018



Being the 'smartest' of animals is an assumption of all people. Every ancient tradition shares this with its descendants. We humans certainly get in more trouble than any other species. If that impulse counts toward being 'smart', we'd have good cause for the boast. If, however, we use a more basic test of stupidity, we'd find that people are surely the opposite.
Aren't we told that it's a sure sign of 'stupidness' if someone, time and time again, tries to do the same things that fail? Would 'smart' people not learn from mistakes and stop doing what they know, won't work and is hurting them?
There is absolutely no doubt that our world is in great crisis. The world as we know it is in jeopardy. Our politics and economies are controlled by fewer and fewer. Yet those of us who have even a smidgen of power or influence do little or nothing, allowing things to sail on as ever, again, vowing even harder to try again the very things and systems that got us into this mess in the first place.
Humanity, in its infancy, was based upon sharing, as is most advanced (and much that is not) animal life. When seen from space, and from any truly 'human' point of view, it is clear that only by humans leaning to share again, do we have a chance.
Is this basic truth heard or seen in our culture? It is not heard in our religious circles, unless whispered among a few who'd rather not be branded as 'counter-culture'. A politician would be unelectable if they shared this view. In truth, a life of sharing, let alone, a world-view that embraces this is very rare and is given no credence.
I have no real reason to expect the world not to swiftly continue on its downward spiral, nor for people to not choose to follow or allow the ways of death. Greed and blindness are in control and there are few who stand in their way. Those 'nice' folks around us are so caught up in the ways of our death-culture that they are not able to change.
Yet, tomorrow is still to come. And I know that there are many people, some young and many older, who know deeply that there is another Way. There is no reason we MUST remain stupid. Part of our humanity is the ability to change, no matter the odds against it.
The 'modern' torch that we hold high to illuminate our present way is a stick of dynamite. Will we lay it aside for a light that may lead to a better end? Will we even talk about it?
If there's a God, is He/She laughing or crying?
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