Monday, February 19, 2018

FAMILY DAY as a Follower of Jesus of Nazareth


It's Family Day again in Canada. A great and needed sentiment. If I were with my siblings, all four of them, and our various 'accumulations', we'd have a good time, mainly catching up on lives and such. We'd spend time talking about the old days, our wonderful folks (yes, really), and do a lot of singing.
But we wouldn't be able to talk about any topic that was really important. Some of us are 'Trump' supporters, so that takes a third of life's topics out of the possibility for discussion. At least two of them are pro-gun in a big way. Some are simplistically so-called 'Evangelical Christian' and just know that all others, including most of the family, are going to fry in their Hell forever. Many of others think that any who have faith or hope at all in a 'spiritual' way are just as delusional.
So, we sing and talk about the kids and how well we're all doing.
On Family Day, it's good for me to remember the story of how Jesus was once with his friends and supporters, people with whom he shared his questions and life. He was talking with them and word came to him that he was wanted by some members of his family. (In that culture, there was nothing more important than kin-folk.) Instead of jumping up and running to 'do his duty', even to his mother, he stayed where he was, looked around at those dear to him, those with whom he shared his future, and asked them, “Who is my mother, my father, my brothers and sisters? Those who are with me in doing the will of God; they are my family.”
I suppose he eventually went out and saw his family, but there was no doubt as to where his values and support lay. On this Family Day, yes, I think of my biological family, as I hope we all do. However, I feel very sorry for those who have to say that the highest of their values and lives are held within that group and past. If we haven't grown beyond them, have not found a More that challenges us and gives us meaning and purpose, we have hardly given life a chance and have not used the basis of our original families as a foundation for new life.
So, a toast! Here's to our old families, the ones in which we were born and had no choice about. May we love them all!
And here's to those with whom we chose, with whom to grow in love and adventure, who bring out the best in us, with whom we can dance, even when our toes are getting stepped upon!
To Family, born and chosen! To Life!

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