Saturday, March 24, 2018



I was talking to a guy my age the other day. Just making conversation in a semi-crowded room over coffee and cake. I asked him how he spent his time. His response began with “I lead a pretty boring life,” and continued from there with a quite predictable list of senior-acceptable, time absorbing activities and pass-times.
I just had to ask him, why he was leading such a boring life? At that time in his life, with no debts, no responsibilities, free time and all the experience and confidence he had accrued, why was he choosing a life of boredom instead of adventure? What was holding him back? Where was the risk? He challenged me as to just what 'adventure' was possible. I countered in asking him what adventure was not possible.
What purpose or cause was important to him, I suggested. Wasn't there a need, bigger than him, that could use him? Was a life of boredom and uselessness really a sign of success, the culmination of all that his life had been?
I don't remember his name. Maybe our short conversation isn't remembered by him even these two short weeks later. However, it's clear in my mind. There's something very powerful in verbalizing our own thoughts, especially with others. Sometimes it's easier to share deep questions and hopes with strangers.
The question was really for me. Why not chose to live a life of adventure? Does age really have anything to do with it? Hardly! It's an excuse like any other. Just imagine what a difference could be made if those of us of many years were to start living as if we and the world were important. If we would choose to 'side' with today's youth in actually doing what was right and needed, we would really count for something 'of life' and not be just statistics searching for nursing homes.
So, to all people, if we aren't living a life that is open to adventure, are we really living? WHY NOT?

Anthony Gifford

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